SAP Barcode Label Printing Methods

Printing Barcode Labels from SAP

Printing to barcode label printers has become easier over recent years and BarTender now gives you several options.

  1. SAP Integration Method

Printing from within BarTender or SAP

The SAP Integration Methods document outlines your choices. The first decision is whether you want to have the print job output from BarTender or SAP (SAPscript). To reduce the load on the SAP server and remove any need to run SAPScript you should install BarTender and Commander on a separate PC from SAP.

Commander would control BarTender and then read from any:

  • SAP generated IDocs
  • AII XML print requests, or
  • BAPI generated text files

Printing from BarTender

Printing from within BarTender gives you many options for importing label data and controlling BarTender.

Data Source Options

  • AII (Auto ID Infrastructure)
  • IDoc File
  • BAPI generated flat text file
  • SAPscript generated flat, fixed width text file

BarTender Control Options

  • Commander
  • ActiveX Automation
  • Command Line

Printing Using SAPScript

SAPscript and BarTender work together to generate the labels you require.

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2. Reading SAP IDocs

This eight page document explains in detail how add an IDoc to your BarTender system. The BarTender Database Connection Wizard has an option to guide you through the setup:

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3. SAP Integration Using AII

SAP AII is a logistics management software system that allows for automatic label printing when used with the right external software products, such as BarTender from Seagull Scientific.

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