ScanTrack Systems Warehouse Management & Inventory Stock Control Software

ScanTrack Systems – Inventory Management Software for your Warehouse

ScanTrack Systems Inventory & Warehouse Management software is a revolutionary way to manage your inventory and control your warehouse operations using the power of the internet and wireless technology to make significant improvements to your warehouse and logistics problems.

Unlike our competitors such as Intellitrack, with ScanTrack Systems inventory management software there is nothing to download or install. Open your web browser and log on…anywhere, anytime. There is no 200 MB download that you need to install on every PC that you want to use the application on. There is no databases to setup, no software to buy, no license keys or dongles to setup or install. The only software you need to install is on the mobile device, such as the Motorola MC-3090 or MC-9090 – and that can be done wirelessly over the internet as well.

STS is a subscription based ‘Software As A Service’ online solution which you pay for month to month.

What You Need

To use ScanTrack Systems inventory management software you will need:

  • broadband internet
  • at least one wireless access point
  • at least one hand held mobile computer
  • at least one barcode label printer
  • one PC or laptop connected to the broadband internet

How Does It Work

The inventory management database is online. Via a web browser you log onto the website with your user name and password that is provided to you by Barcode Datalink after you subscribe.

Before you can start using the ScanTrack Systems – WMS (Warehouse Management System) solution you need to import or enter in the following data first:

  1. your product master list
  2. additional sites (if applicable)
  3. bin locations
  4. location types
  5. add your warehouse user names and passwords
  6. units of measure
  7. customers
  8. suppliers

Once you have the basic information in the system you can start to manage your inventory. The first thing you should do is a full stocktake. A full stocktake will create the starting point for what products you have and in what locations they are in.

If you do not perform a full stocktake, the only way to get products into bin locations is when you do a ‘Goods In’ and then a ‘Putaway’ or a combined ‘Goods In & Putaway’ transaction.

What does ScanTrack System Inventory Warehouse Management Software do for You?

STS allows your staff to record stock movements (goods in, goods out, movements) with a hand held mobile barcode reader in real time. The transactions are saved to the online database in real time which means your system is always up to date with the latest information. This is not a batch system and you never upload or download data to/from the mobile device.


Why an online Inventory Warehouse Management Software SaaS (Software As A Service) solution?

There are many good reasons why so many software applications are moving away from the traditional software model of being installed at your office on your own hardware.

The traditional approach requires you to have expensive hardware and software to run the application. The software needs to be installed and each PC or laptop on the network and has to be setup. Some software vendors use license keys or security dongles to manage user licenses.

The most common problem is that when PC hardware fails your have to reinstall the software and licensing. New upgrades have to be installed either on the server or on all machines running the application. All this takes up valuable IT resources and costs money.

A SaaS inventory management software solution on the other hand, like ScanTrack Systems does not require you to buy any hardware or software to run the application. We manage the hardware and software that our application runs on. All you need to have is at least one PC connected to the internet via fast broadband.

When we make improvements or upgrades to the inventory management software we do it once on our server and every customer is on the same version instantly.

Your IT department doesn’t have to worry about our SaaS inventory management software solution. If your IT department head count is currently zero, it will remain at zero.

The only new hardware you require are a wireless access point, a mobile barcode scanner and a barcode label printer. If you buy this hardware from Barcode Datalink we provide full support for this barcoding equipment.

For example, if ScanTrack Systems inventory management software was a traditional software application and you wanted to buy it, this is what you would have to do:

  1. download a copy of the internet (or wait for a CD in the mail)
  2. install the program on every PC you want to use it from
  3. download Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008 Express Edition
  4. install SQL Server on your server
  5. configure the database
  6. install IIS on your server
  7. link each PC to the database
  8. test each PC to make sure it is talking to the database properly
  9. setup the license on each PC you have bought a license for

This is a simplified list of the steps but would take someone at least a day to get it up and running for a small site with five or so users.

Instead, with our online solution you don’t have to bother with any of this. Go to the videos pages to watch an example of setting up the system from scratch. Each video is only a couple of minutes long and in that time we will have your mobile operator walking around the warehouse scanning goods in and printing labels.

Watch Video on how to get started with ScanTrack Systems Inventory & Warehouse Management Software

Watch videos that show you how to receive goods in, put them away, move them around and scan them out. Even do a stocktake in real time.

Pick a mobile function:


Good In Putway Good in & Putway Movements Goods Out Sales Goods Out & Sale Match


Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is it? What is the response time like from the server? What if the internet goes down?

Click here to see all frequently asked questions with detailed answers for Scan Track Systems Inventory Management Software.


Call us for more details now and to set up a free test account so you can use your own data.


Need an Online Barcode Stocktake Solution?

‘Stocktakes Online’ is an online mobile scanning solution that allows you to count your stock with wireless mobile computers (at one or more sites) at the same time and compare the count totals to your accounting system in real time. ScanTrack Systems (STS) inventory & warehouse management software system incorporates Stocktakes Online. Click to STO logo for more information.


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