Zebra LP2844 Direct Thermal Label Printer

Zebra LP2844-Z Barcode Label Printer

When you have a low volume label printing requirement the Zebra LP2844-Z is an ideal choice. The LP2844-Z is a ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) direct thermal label printer.

Do not get this model confused with the LP2844 (without the -Z on the end). The LP2844 is an EPL (Eltron Programming Language) printer and is cheaper than its equivalent ZPL model even though they look the same.

The LP2844 has less memory and does not have the same fonts as the LP2844-Z. They are not interchangeable if you are printing from your ERP system such as SAP or Pronto since the code being sent to the printer is specific to how the system was set up originally.

Regardless, either model is well suited to printing a few hundred labels per day in a warehouse environment. Being direct thermal label printers they do not have a ribbon mechanism and need heat sensitive label stock.

The most common labels printed on the LP2844 and LP2844-Z printers are 102mm x 150mm labels for courier con notes or SSCC labels for shipments of pallets to major distribution centres.

Direct Thermal Labels

In 2010 the new Zebra GK Series will replace the LP Series.


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