Motorola Imager Barcode Scanners

Imager scanners shine a light over the entire barcode and can read a symbol from any orientation. This makes them more aggressive than a single line (linear) barcode scanner and thus your staff require less ‘skill’ in reading barcodes.

The other advantage of an imager barcode scanner is that they can read all 2D (two dimensional) barcodes symbologies:

As well as all 1D (one dimensional) symbologies these scanners can also read:

The Motorola range of 2D imager scanners also offer omni-directional scanning on standard 1D barcodes.


The DS3408 is an industrial barcode scanner that offers digital imaging and can read 2D barcodes from any orientation. Able to withstand 2 metre drops to concrete the casing is rated to IP65 making it suitable for use in production and manufacturing environments.



The Motorola DS3478 is a digital imager scanner. Unlike the LS3578 which is a single line laser beam the imager is capable of reading 2D barcodes and 1D barcodes from any orientation.



The Motorola DS6708 is a 2D barcode reader offering digital image scanning. Ideal for retail environments this scanner can read any 1D barcode without having to line up the symbol when compared to the LS2208 or LS4208 readers.



The latest and most advanced hands free desktop scanner from Motorola the DS9808 allows you to pick up the scanner quickly and easily when required to scan bulky items that won’t fit on the sales counter. The DS9808 is a very aggressive barcode reader and staff need little training to use it effectively.

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