Barcode label design & print software for Windows:
Zebra Designer
Label Vista
Zebra Bar One (no longer available – but we still support it)


BarTender software from Seagull Scientific

We usually supply BarTender with any new Zebra barcode printer that we install. BarTender is written by Seagull Scientific and is very easy to use and has alot of powerful features. We recommend downloading the Windows printer drivers from Seagull. For more information click on the image above. To download the free trial version click on

The trial version works for 30 days from date of installation. After that time it will randomly change characters when you print a label. For best results also download and install the Seagull Windows printer drivers for Zebra printer.


Easy Label software for Windows made by Tharo

EasyLabel has been available from Tharo for a very long time now and was one of the most popular software packages for most of the 90’s. It certainly has a different look and feel about it when compared to other design and print programs. Over the last decade BarTender has grown in popularity simply because it is more similar to traditional Windows design.

Feel free to download a trial version from and compare the two software applications for yourself. Our preference has always been BarTender.

Zebra Designer
Zebra Designer label design and print software for Windows

Extending the power of ZebraLink, ZebraDesigner Pro bar code label design software brings new ease of use and power to the desktop. Featuring an intuitive, Windows-based interface and a WYSIWYG label designer, plus new Design and RFID Wizards, this application makes creating complex labels based on fixed or variable data “click” simple. With new printer configuration tools, gain greater control over printer settings and memory for simplified printer management.

Label Vista
Label Vista by Zebra – label design and print software

Label Vista is a good program to use for configuring the Zebra range of mobile printers. Specifically, configuring the BlueTooth and RF settings, or for sending files or updating the firmware.

Label Vista™ is free software for designing labels for CPCL-compatible Zebra mobile or Comtec mobile printers. Label Vista combines an intuitive graphically-based user environment with powerful but easily mastered editing tools. Label Vista also allows the easy creation of format files that remain resident in the printer, for simple merges with variable data files sent from the host, effective for printing labels that have a mixture of constant and variable data fields.

The font creation capabilities of Label Vista allow you to create downloadable pre-scaled (fixed-size) fonts derived from TrueType™ fonts. Label Vista allows direct use of TrueType fonts in labels, but these label files can be printed only from within the program. Networking capabilities allow for configuration, network printing, and FTP file transfer.

Label Vista program, download and unzip

Zebra Bar One V5
Zebra Bar One was written by Zebra back in the late 90’s. It was a really good program and two of its best features was the generation of ZPL code for you from a label design, and the automatic job submission function (similar to Commander in BarTender).

To create ZPL code is a manual process and very time consuming. BarOne allowed you to design a label, print it and when you were happy with the layout, you could save the label to a text file which gave you the ZPL code. You could then embed this ZPL code into another system. We embed the ZPL code into our mobile device applications so we can print labels to the Zebra QL or RW series printers.

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