Tag Stock for a Barcode Label Printer

Barcode Datalink can manufacture for you tag stock cut to a size you require to fit into your barcode label printer such as a Zebra, Datamax or Sato mid-range or industrial printer.

Tag stock we provide comes in various thickness (GSM = grams per square metre) and the most popular is the ‘Snowcard’ material. It provides a smooth surface and very good print when used with the right ribbon. You barcode label printer should have a ‘black mark’ sensor to register tags that are supplied with a black line on the back.

If you prefer we can supply the tag stock in fanfold. This is suitable for mobile printers or the desktop printers that can’t fit a roll and is available is direct thermal (heat sensitive).

For applications where a paper tag stock will not last, such as labelling products that are stored outdoors in the sun and rain, we produce a tag stock on ‘Cyclone’ material. This is a synthetic stock that can be tied to the product or stapled down. Using a resin ribbon it is possible to produce a crisp clear image that is scratch resistant. (Use B110-C ribbon)

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