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Barcode Datalink has a huge range of barcode scanners for you to choose from! Let us help guide you to finding the right barcode reader for your application. Click on the word or picture to narrow down your search. Or click here to view keywords only.

1. What barcodes do you want to scan?

1D linear (one dimensional) vs 2D (two dimensional) 


2. Do you want a barcode scanners with a cable (corded) or a cordless version?

motorola ls2208 with cable motorola ls3578er cordless scanner 


3. Do you want a hand held barcode reader or a hands free version?

motorola ls4208 scanning  motorola ds9808 hands free scanning motorola ls7808 incounter scanner 


4. What kind of environment will you use your new barcode scanner? A retail shop, office, warehouse, nursery, outdoors, factory, production area, other?

motorola ls9208 scanner     


5. What type of laser scan engine do you want? Linear (single line), raster (multi-line), omni-directional or imager.

single line laser beamraster laser scan beam omni-directional scan beam pattern imager beam  

6. Do you need a standard general purpose laser scanner or do you need a long range or high density barcode scanner?

standard barcodes code 39 code128 warehouse boxes high density barcodes 


7. I need a scanner with memory so I can scan some barcodes and then download them when I get back to the computer. But I don't want a full on PDA mobile computer. It has to be relatively cheap.    

Motorola CS3000 in a USB Cradle