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No DHCP Server on your LAN

Motorola Access Point - How to Configure & Setup

If you do not have a DHCP server on your LAN, you can make the Motorola AP5131 (AP5181) become your DHCP server to your mobile computers, laptops and other IP addressable devices.

However, setting up the AP5131 will take a little longer. Since there is no DHCP it will not get an IP address that matches your local area network.

Before doing the following steps make sure that you have Sun Java 1.5 or higher installed first. If you do not, try this link first:

What you will have to do is:

1. Disconnect your PC or laptop from your current LAN

2. Go into the network settings and change your IP address to

3. Connect the LAN cable from your computer to the WAN port on the access point (not the LAN)

Please note, to power the AP, you will have to connect the a second LAN cable from the POE data/power Out port to the LAN port on the AP. Or use a power supply.

4. Restart your computer 

5. Open a web browser and in the address field key in:

6. If all goes well you should get the AP login screen.

7. Login and change the IP address on the LAN menu to a free IP address that is on your network.

8. Once you apply the changes you might get disconnected from the access point.

9. Reconnect your computer to your LAN and put in the original IP address it had before you changed it to

10. Restart your computer.

11. Connect the access point directly to your LAN now. The ethernet cable should be connected to the LAN port on the AP now, not the WAN port.

12. Restart the AP.

13. On your computer open a web browser and now key in the IP address from step 7 into the address field.

14. If everything was done correctly you should get the AP login screen.

15. The AP should now be part of your network and you can continue to configure it to suit your requirements.

When configuring the AP you can make it your DHCP server or not. If you do not make it your DHCP server, you will have to give each mobile device a fixed IP address.

To watch online videos on how to configure the access point, setup encryption, MAC address filtering and mesh networking, click on this button.


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