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Ribbons for Zebra Barcode Printers

Thermal transfer ribbons for Zebra printers

Thermal transfer ribbons for Zebra printers

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This ribbon is ideal for everyday use on a variety of standard paper stocks. The printing is clear and crisp and the image is durable enough for most ordinary applications and environments.

Common sizes for Zebra TLP Series printers:

  • 110mm wide by 70 metres

Common sizes for Zebra G Series printers:

  • 110mm wide by 70 metres

Common sizes for Zebra Z Series and Xi Series printers:

  • 40mm wide by 300 metres
  • 50mm wide by 300 metres
  • 60mm wide by 300 metres
  • 70mm wide by 300 metres
  • 80mm wide by 300 metres
  • 90mm wide by 300 metres
  • 110mm wide by 300 metres

These ribbons are also available in Red, Blue and Green.

We now offer 450 metre long ribbons

  • 110mm wide by 450 metres

Special Order:

For the Xi Series and ZM600 printers

  • 140mm wide by 300 metres
  • 170mm wide by 300 metres
  • 220mm wide by 300 metres



This is a special scratch resistant ribbon and works best on synthetic label stocks.

  • 60mm wide by 300 metres
  • 90mm wide by 300 metres
  • 110mm wide by 300 metres


General Advice:

For most common matt and gloss paper labels the B110AX ribbon will work perfectly.

If you are printing on synthetic stocks such as Primax or polyprop labels the B110C resin ribbon offers the best result with a hard to scratch or smudge print quality.

Depending on the model of your printer all you need to adjust (if possible) are:

  • the print speed
  • the burn temperature
  • print head pressure and balance

A slower print speed always produces a better result.

Next, adjusting the burn temperature from the lowest setting gradually to a higher setting. You should see a faint print improve to a clear, crisp print. Once you go over a certain point, you will notice the print start to look 'burnt' and become unclear again. Also, if you have tried a very high or maximum temperature you can even burn holes in the ribbon and the print will look smudged.

If you burn holes in the ribbon clean the print head before trying again since residue may be left and this will affect the quality of any future labels printed.

Finally, if you have ribbon creasing issues try adjusting the print head pressure and balance (if possible). Refer to the support section for the particular Zebra printer model you have for more information.


Related Information:

Ribbons for other brands of printers such as Datamax, Sato and TEC are available upon request.  

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