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Stocktakes Online View Stocktake Reports

View Reports during the Stocktake

While the stock take is in progress you can review and refresh reports online or export the data to Excel.

The reports that are available include:

  • Bin Locations
  • Scanned Data

If you imported an 'Accounting File' at the beginning of the stocktake that included your expected 'Quantity on Hand' (QOH) you can view:

  • Variance Reports (summary and detailed)

What you would love to see at the end of the stocktake is an empty variance report

If the 'Accounting File' also included the unit cost per item, then the following reports are also available:

  • Variance report by unit cost
  • Variance report by dollar value
  • Total value of inventory counted


Reports in more detail


During the stocktake you can review at anytime:


  1. empty bin locations
  2. scanned locations
  3. unscanned locations
  4. all stocktake locations


Scanned Data

The 'Scanned Data' tab displays in real time all the scanning that your staff are completing. The latest scan is on top of the list.




If you imported an 'Accounting File' at the beginning before starting the stocktake you can view variance reports that compares the count with the expected 'Quantity on Hand' (QOH).

Summary Report

The summary report totals the product (by Part Number) and ignores the bin locations that the product was counted in. If the count is greater than or less than the expected QOH from your accounting system it will appear on this report.


Detailed Report 

To help you track down the variances shown on the summary report, the detailed report shows you the bin locations that the Part Number was counted at. This allows your staff to go back to those locations and double check the count.