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Since 1991 Barcode Datalink has been supplying and supporting the Zebra range of barcode label printers. Our aim is provide you with the right label printer for your application and environment. We provide one stop shopping. So one call to us and we:

How can Barcode Datalink help you today with a Zebra barcode label printer?

Is your Zebra on its last legs?

Don’t wait 3 days for your current supplier just to call you back to find out what’s wrong. In the mean time Barcode Datalink can usually lend you a Zebra printer, fix yours and get it back to you before the others bother to call you back! Our number is (02) 9636-5299.

If you own a Zebra barcode label printer that is more than 10 years old it might be time to consider upgrading. You have had a very good run out of your investment but with improvements in technology new printers are easier to maintain since spare parts are readily available. Don’t leave it until your Zebra dies and then panic. Workout a contingency and disaster recovery plan now for your own peace of mind. Click the button below to see if your Zebra printer has been discontinued.

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Barcode Printer – Quick Questions with Quick Recommendations
1. I need the cheapest printer to produce SSCC labels for major retailers  Recommendation
2. I need to print high density barcodes for electronics components Recommendation
3. I have to print about 2000 labels each week to label my products Recommendation
4. Our production runs 24 hours a day and I need to print 5000 labels per day Recommendation
5. We need to print about 12000 labels a year but on synthetic labels Recommendation
6. I’d like to print 100% EAN-13 barcodes Recommendation