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A4 Labels in Sheet Form – Laser Labels

If you have low volume labelling requirements using A4 sheets of labels is an ideal way to print labels with your existing laser or ink jet printer.

However, there are a few disadvantages. Firstly, the cost per label is a lot higher when compared to using a dedicated barcode label printing solution. Once you start printing hundreds of labels per day you should investigate the cost of a label printing solution.

Secondly, the variety of label sizes, colours and materials is considerably smaller than the range available for dedicated barcode label printing systems.

Thirdly, if you only need to print one label, you are forced to print the entire sheet. So if it has 30 labels on it, 29 won’t get printed on.

Finally and most importantly, if your paper path in your laser printer is curved labels can get jammed inside. Also, the extreme heat from a laser printer can melt the adhesive and over time this build up of adhesive can cause a paper jam. The inconvenience and expense of service call outs to fix the laser printer will soon prove that it is an expensive way to generate labels and that there are more efficient and cheaper ways to do it.

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Regardless, if you are only printing one or two sheets of laser labels at a time, then here is a complete list of available A4 sheets of labels.


Part Number Size Description
L17454 105mm x 147.5mm (400 labels per box) 4 labels per page, Permanent adhesive
L17457 105mm x 37mm (1,600 labels per box) 16 labels per page, Permanent adhesive
L17455 105mm x 73.8mm (800 labels per box) 8 labels per page, Permanent adhesive
L13379 105mm x 73.8mm (4000 labels per box) 8 labels per page, Removable adhesive
L13171 105mm x 98.3mm (600 labels per box) 6 Labels per page, Permanent adhesive
L12215 210mm x 98.3mm (300 labels per box) 3 labels per page, Permanent adhesive
L17459 70mm x 25.4mm (3,300 labels per box) 33 labels per page, Permanent adhesive
L17458 70mm x 36mm (2,400 labels per box) 24 labels per page, Permanent adhesive
L14416 70mm x 41mm (2,100 labels per box) 21 labels per page, Permanent adhesive
L14252 90mm x 55mm (1,000 labels per box) 10 labels per page, Permanent adhesive
L17453 210mm 148mm (200 labels per box) 2 labels per page, Permanent adhesive
L17456 98mm x 38.1mm (1,400 labels per box) 14 labels per page, Permanent adhesive


Other sizes available include:

  • 38.1mm x 21.2mm
  • 48.5mm x 25.4mm
  • 51mm x 15 mm
  • 63.5mm x 25.4mm
  • 64mm x 33mm
  • 64mm x 38mm
  • 64mm x 47mm
  • 70mm x 25mm
  • 70mm x 35mm
  • 70mm x 37mm
  • 70mm x 41mm
  • 80mm x 25.4mm
  • 90mm x 55mm
  • 97.4mm x 25.4mm
  • 97.4mm x 38mm
  • 98mm x 25.4mm
  • 98mm x 38mm
  • 99mm x 34mm
  • 99mm x 38mm
  • 99mm x 57mm
  • 99mm x 68mm
  • 99mm x 93mm
  • 99.1mm x 67.7mm
  • 99mm x 139mm
  • 105mm x 37mm
  • 105mm x 74mm
  • 105mm x 98.3mm
  • 105mm x 148mm
  • 148mm x 210mm
  • 200mm x 144mm
  • 200mm x 289mm
  • 210mm x 59.055mm
  • 210mm x 98.3mm
  • 210mm x 297mm


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