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BarTender is available as a single user version, multi-user version and a print only version.

The most popular version we supply is the “Professional” single user version. Designed for people that have one Zebra printer (or any barcode label printer) and one PC. Typically you want to design a few label formats and link to your data either in a CSV, Excel or some type of database, such as Microsoft Access.

For companies that have many users and several Zebra printers the better choice is the “Enterprise” version. This allows you unlimited users and limits the number of printers to 3, 5, 10, 20 and unlimited printers. So you only pay for what you need and can always buy more licenses when needed.

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White Papers:

General Topics

Why use Seagull Windows Printer Drivers – this article explains the advantages of using Seagull Windows printer drivers with BarTender.


Integration With SAP

SAP Integration Methods – this document outlines how to print from BarTender or SAP and the various methods available to you: iDoc, SAPScript etc

Reading SAP Idocs – read this document to get an understanding on how BarTender reads SAP Intermediate Documents

SAP Integration using AII – learn how to automatically print BarTender labels using SAP’s Auto-ID Infrastructure



Integration Overview – Importing data into BarTender and controlling BarTender from other programs.

Commander – Middleware for automatically printing labels in response to User-Defined events (no programming required). This is one common method for printing labels from Pronto software.

Commander Examples – step by step instructions on how to use Commander in a variety of common scenarios.

BarTender’s ActiveX Automation Interface – Controlling BarTender using Programming Languages not in the “.NET” Family

Exporting Printer Code Templates – Exporting Printer Code Templates for use in other Applications or Devices

Using BarTender with Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame – Printing and Licensing Issues

XML Integration with Oracle’s WMS and MSCA – How to Automatically Print Labels from
Oracle Applications


Other Topics

BarTender Enterprise Licensing – Understanding Enterprise Edition Licensing and How to Configure the Seagull Scientific License Server

BarTender Software Activation – Concepts, Questions, and Answers

Using BarTender’s Application Identifier Wizard – Adding Application Identifiers to Bar Codes, Quickly and Reliably


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