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Bin Locations Labels – Bureau Service

Barcode Datalink offers you a quick, easy and reliable service to produce bin location labels for your warehouse or store.

Step 1: Pick a size

Step 2: Put your bin locations into a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet

Step 3: Send Barcode Datalink an email and we will make some samples for you

Step 4: Order the labels

The Process in Detail

Step 1

The first thing to do is determine the types of bin locations you need to barcode. This will help you determine what size labels will suit.

If you are labelling small shelves or plastic tote bins a 64mm x 23mm or 65mm x 25mm label can work well.

For pallet racking with beams a larger 50mm x 290mm yellow label looks good from a distance and can easily be scanned for a slightly longer distance.

Our common bin location label sizes are:

  • 40mm x 28mm
  • 64mm x 23mm
  • 65mm x 25mm
  • 80mm x 18mm
  • 89mm x 23mm
  • 102mm x 23mm
  • 102mm x 28mm
  • 102mm x 48mm

These labels are white and made from synthetic material such as Supalux or Primax. The adhesive is very aggressive.

In terms of a larger pallet space label we offer yellow Supalux labels in the following sizes:

  • 30mm x 290mm
  • 40mm x 290mm
  • 50mm x 290mm

Arrows can be printed in any direction and the layout can be tailored to suit your needs. We can also print the label in a vertical orientation so that all the barcodes are at shoulder height for easy scanning by your warehouse staff.

Other sizes are available upon request. The above options are our most popular for warehousing solutions.


Step 2

Once you have decided on the label size(s) that will suit your needs you have to send us a file containing the bin locations you want printed.

A CSV (Comma Separated Values) file is a simple text file and looks like this:


Alternatively you can email us an Excel spreadsheet:

Step 3

Email Barcode Datalink the file, the size(s) of labels and the total quantity you require and a preferred layout. We will mock up some samples and we can show you online or post some examples to you for testing.

Also, please let us know what kind of mobile computers you intend to use to scan these barcodes since it is important to make sure that they can read the barcode easily.

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Step 4

Order the labels. Barcode Datalink will produce them as quickly as possible for you.


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