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M3 PDA – Next-G Mobile Computer

M3 SKY provides all the functions you could possibly need in a mobile computer for daily use for your team whether they are in the office or out on the road. You decide on the features you need to implement the correct device that will improve your business.

  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • 1D / 2D / Long-range barcode scanners
  • High-resolution color camera with flash and auto-focus
  • 2G (GPRS/Edge) and 3G (HSDPDA) network for high-speed and reliable voice & data communications
  • Highly secured Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g)
  • Bluetooth connectivity linking with wide range of peripherals (mobile printer, headset, etc).
  • Sirf III GPS supporting diverse location based application
  • 13.56MHz RFID reader for all prevailing standard tags
  • Built in GPS
  • Rugged IP65 rating with 1.5m drop specification

Amazingly, all these functions are built into the small, light form factor of the M3 Sky. Each function is optional and you can make your own tailored configuration based on the application and budget.

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In Development

Barcode Datalink has been developing an online “Software As A Service” (SaaS) RFID trolley tracking solution for commercial laundries.

Using the M3-Sky with built-in Telstra Next-G communications and RFID reader (ISO-15693) you can now track your expensive stainless steel trolleys. (if you want to use barcodes instead you can – the mobile application can read both, so it depends on what device configuration you select).

A ‘mount-on-metal’ RFID chip is attached to the trolley.

The online database is accessed via any computer or laptop that is connected to the internet with a fast broadband connection. After logging on, you can see your trolleys, customers and review all deliveries and pickups.

The driver is equipped with an M3 mobile computer and Bluetooth mobile receipt printer such as the Zebra RW-420.

Warehouse staff use the M3 to scan trolleys as they load the truck.

The data that they collect is updating the online database in real time via an RF (radio frequency) network.

The truck driver arrives onsite at the customer. He has to deliver full trolleys of linen and pick up empty trolleys.

In this application we have broken the task into distinct two steps. He select ‘Deliver to Customer’ and then selects the customers name from the drop down menu. As he unloads the trolleys he scans each one. When he is done he can ask the client to sign the screen (optional). Then he can print a receipt out on the 4″ wide RW-420 receipt printer.

The point to note here is that as he scans each RFID trolley tag, the database is updated in real time. While the driver is out of the office he is connected to the internet via the GPRS in the M3.

If you allow your customers a log-in to the SaaS application, they can see the trolley numbers that have just been delivered. At the same time they can see what was previously delivered and should be available for him to pick up.

Now he turns his attention to ‘Pickup from Customer’. He goes around and scans each trolley as he loads the truck. At the end he can give the customer a printout of what was picked up. Online the customer can see now that those trolleys are no longer their responsibility, only the ones just delivered.

If a trolley was supposed to be collected and was not, the driver could tell the customer that trolley number 123 is missing. If after several months that trolley was not returned the company could issue the customer a notice to pay for that trolley.

The components that make up this solution are:


SaaS software – online 24/7 access via any PC connected to the internet via broadband

Mobile Application – software that runs on the mobile device and talks wirelessly in real time to the online database


M3 mobile computer with built-in Next-G and RFID

Zebra RW-420 mobile direct thermal receipt printer with Bluetooth

In car/truck accessories include in car charger for the M3. To extend the life of the hardware and keep everything in one safe place Barcode Datalink has made custom cases where we have foam cut out to protect the equipment. Also built in are spare receipt rolls and batteries.

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