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Connecting to your Zebra printer has alot more options these days than just a serial or parallel cable

For many years the most popular way to connect your new Zebra printer to your PC was via an RS-232 serial cable or parallel cable. Then came along the USB connection which has become the most popular choice. However, the growing trend over the last few years has been to go for an Ethernet printer thus allowing the entire organisation to print to this IP addressed printer.

The big advantage of an IP addressable printer is that it is no longer connected to someone’s PC. If that person turned off their PC or it crashed, anyone printing to that shared printer on the network had to wait until the PC was operational again.

Most Zebra desktop and industrial printers come with a serial, parallel and USB port as standard. Internal 10/100 ethernet is optional. If installed on some models, it would replace any serial and/or parallel connections (thus removing them).

Converting your parallel Zebra printer to Ethernet

The simplest and cheapest way to convert any existing Zebra printer that has a parallel port to an Ethernet printer is to add the external ZebraNet PrinterServer II module.

Simply connect the print server module to the parallel port and attach the Ethernet cable to the back of the module. Turn on the printer. If you have DHCP running the printer should automatically get an IP address.

To see what IP address settings have been given, press the test button on the print server module. You will need a pen or something pointed to press up onto the button since it is facing down when connected to the printer. Make sure you have some wide labels (at least 50mm) and make sure the burn temperature is not 0 or too low since you won’t see anything printed.

If your Zebra printer has a display, you can see the IP address and settings via the “Setup” menu on the screen. Simply enter “Setup” and scroll left on the menu until you get to the IP settings. This is only possible if the printserver is set to “IP Resolution” = Permanent. If it is set to “Dynamic” which means it will get an IP address from the DHCP Server, you will not be able to set it via this menu on the printer.

Refer to the IP address on the printed label and go to a web browser and type in the IP address into the address bar. The printer menu should appear on your screen.

Product Brochure          User Manual

ZebraNet PrintServer Family Brochure

Product Brochure

The above networking solution applies to the following Zebra printers with a parallel port:

  • Stripe 300/400/500/600
  • S4M
  • Z4M, Z4M Plus, Z4000/Z6000
  • ZM400, ZM600
  • 105S/Se/SL
  • Xi Series
  • LP/TLP Series
ZebraNet Wireless Plus Print Server

With the Zebra wireless print server you can connect your Zebra label printer to your wireless LAN giving you the freedom to place the printer where you need to use it.

Important features are:

  • IEEE 802.11 b/g compliant
  • advanced authentication and encryption technology to ensure reliable network and data security
  • compatible with Cisco and Motorola (Symbol) radios
  • ZebraNet Bridge-enabled for easy installation and remote printer management

The ZebraNet Wireless Plus print server allows businesses to configure printers as needed on a secure, wireless network. It is a PCMCIA optional board that complies with the IEEE 802.11b/g standard while supporting the Cisco CB-21AG radio card for Zebra’s XiIIIPlus, 105SL (on serial # 6457098 and above) and S4M printers and the PAX4 print engine. The newly enhanced print server is designed for advanced security and encryption via the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) wireless protocol. It features dual connectivity co-existence (wired/wireless), so your operations can continue in case one connection fails.

User Manual

Twinax & Coax

If you need help connecting your Zebra printer to an IBM mainframe (such as the AS-400, System 34/36/38) call us.


Technical Support:

You have just bought an external ZebraNet Print Server II parallel to ethernet adapter. How do you get your Zebra printer connected to your local area network and make sure it prints.

Technical Support

Related Information:

Download the SolarWinds IP Address Tracker – this program tells you what device is assigned to each IP address. Look for ‘Zebra’ in the description if you have DHCP running.

Please note that if you want to set the IP address from the main menu on your Zebra printer (ZM400, ZM600, 105SL, Xi III/IV series) that has an LCD display and internal ethernet, you have to change the ‘IP Config’ setting from ‘All’ to ‘Permanent’. If you do not do this you will not be able to change the IP address manually. After changing the IP address to a free number on your LAN, check the subnet mask and then enter in the ‘Gateway’. Make sure you save the settings as ‘Permanent’ if you want to keep them after you turn the printer off.

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