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Scanners & Barcode Readers that work with Pronto Scan Pack

With Pronto Scan Pack software you can meet your EDI obligations for your major retail customers with ease. To get the best scanning efficiency from your warehouse staff you need the best barcode readers on the market.

Barcode Datalink offers you a wide range of Motorola barcode readers to keep your operations running at full speed. Don’t let your staff get frustrated by tired and worn out scanning equipment.

Give them the right scanners to make their job a breeze. Depending how rough & tough your warehouse environment is, you have two choices: retail or light industrial scanners and industrial ‘rugged’ scanners.

Cordless USB Barcode Readers

Light Industrial versions

Getting rid of the cable between the PC and the barcode reader gives your staff greater mobility since they can walk around the pallet to scan the barcode. The barcode scanned is instantly transmitted from the barcode scanner to the base unit that is connected to a USB port (serial, keyboard wedges option also available) and appears on the screen as if the user had keyed it in. The Motorola LS-4278 offers the user a typical range of up to 15 metres from the base unit. The battery will last an entire shift after being fully charged. This is a standard range laser scanner and offers quick reading of typical everyday barcodes.

Industrial Strength or Rugged Cordless Barcode Readers

If you are working in a dirty, dusty, wet or harsh environment the the LS-4278 isn’t designed for constant abuse. You will need a scanner from the Motorola LS-3000 Series. (LS-3478/LS-3578)

To read standard barcodes the LS-3578 rugged cordless scanner will provide years of reliable use in cold, hot or damp/wet environments. Ideal for use in retail or wholesale nurseries as well since a splash of water won’t do any harm.

If you need a long range scanner (the ability to read large barcodes from several metres away up to 13.7 metres from where you are standing) then the Motorola LS-3578-ER (Extended Range) laser scanner is ideal for you. Not only can the user scan a large barcode from up to 13 metres away, they can be standing up to 45 metres away from the base station (150 feet range).

Tough means it can be dropped from 2 metres onto concrete and still keep working and with an IP rating of IP65 this scanner is ideal for any manufacturing or production environment.

Cordless Scanner with a Keypad

In some cases you might want to be able to key in some details such as the quantity. In this scenario Motorola make the:

  • P-470 cordless scanner for retail or light industrial environments, and
  • P-370 rugged cordless scanner

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