Zebra Mid-range Printers Labels Tags Ribbons

Labels, Tags and Ribbons to suit Zebra Printers (Mid-range & Industrial)

Barcode Datalink has a wide variety of labels and tags off the shelf to suit the Zebra range of table top printers which include the:

  • S4M
  • 105SL
  • ZM400
  • ZM600
  • Xi Series

All Zebra printers in this range can handle:

Labels – Roll form

  • wound onto a 76mm core
  • roll diameter of 200mm
  • labels face in or face out

Common label sizes available off the shelf are:

Direct Thermal

  • 69mm x 49mm – 3000 per roll
  • 102mm x 99mm – 1500 per roll
  • 102mm x 150mm – 1000 per roll

Thermal Transfer – Matt Paper, Permanent Adhesive

  • 35mm x 17mm, 2 across – 10000 per roll
  • 40mm x 28mm – 4000 per roll
  • 40mm x 28mm, 2 across – 8000 per roll
  • 50mm x 35mm – 3000 per roll
  • 50mm x 50mm – 3000 per roll
  • 64mm x 23mm – 4000 per roll
  • 76mm x 36mm – 4000 per roll
  • 102mm x 28mm – 5000 per roll
  • 102mm x 36mm – 4000 per roll
  • 102mm x 48mm – 2500 per roll
  • 102mm x 60mm – 2000 per roll
  • 102mm x 74mm – 2000 per roll
  • 102mm x 99mm – 1500 per roll
  • 102mm x 150mm – 1000 per roll

Synthetic Label Stock – Polyprop

  • 40mm x 28mm
  • 102mm x 28mm
  • 102mm x 74mm
  • 102mm x 150mm

These labels are ideal for outdoor use or wet environments.

Other sizes that we make for regular customers and are available include:

  • 102mm x 187mm yellow synthetic labels
  • 80mm x 290mm yellow synthetic labels


Labels – Fanfold form

Labels in bundles that can fit into the Zebra printer or they can sit outside the printer.

Please note it is not practical to place fanfold bundles or media into a Zebra printer that has a rewind unit installed. Models with a rewind unit it is best to place the media outside of the printer feeding from below or to the rear of the printer.

Tags – Roll form

Tags in roll form can be quite heavy if you use a thick tag stock. In this case we wind the rolls this way:

We find that this places less stress on the motors and the print quality is improved. The black mark has to be on the bottom unless you are using a notch which need to be on the left (the side closest to the body of the printer).


Tags – Fanfold form

Tag stock available in fanfold is usually a lower GSM (Grams per square metre) since the fold must be made and the perforation strong enough to unfold and be pulled through the Zebra printer.

Direct thermal tags in stock are:

  • 90mm x 55mm
  • 100mm x 110mm

Thermal transfer tag stock:

  • 100mm x 110mm snowcard


Zebra Ribbons

The most common ribbon length is 300 metres but alot more ribbons are now available in 450 metre lengths. Longer ribbons mean your staff spend less time changing ribbons. For every 900 metres there are 3 ribbon changes when using 300 metre lengths, compared to 2 changed when using 450 metre ribbons.

B110AX – general purpose ribbon suitable for a wide variety of materials and applications

Common sizes for S4M, 105SL, Zebra Z Series and Xi Series printers:

  • 40mm wide by 300 metres
  • 50mm wide by 300 metres
  • 60mm wide by 300 metres
  • 70mm wide by 300 metres
  • 80mm wide by 300 metres
  • 90mm wide by 300 metres
  • 110mm wide by 300 metres

These ribbons are also available in Red, Blue and Green.

We now offer 450 metre long ribbons

  • 110mm wide by 450 metres

For the Xi Series and ZM600 printers

  • 140mm wide by 300 metres
  • 170mm wide by 300 metres
  • 220mm wide by 300 metres



This is a special scratch resistant ribbon and works best on synthetic label stocks.

  • 60mm wide by 300 metres
  • 90mm wide by 300 metres
  • 110mm wide by 300 metres


Looking for labels and ribbons for the desktop or mobile range? Click on the picture below

More labels and ribbons

Direct Thermal Labels        Thermal Transfer Labels          Ribbons

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