Zebra Retail Label Printing

Zebra Printers that can produce a 100% EAN-13 barcode

When you have to print 100% EAN-13 barcodes for major retailers like Woolworths and Coles then you will need a 300 dpi barcode label printer. Zebra offer the following:

  • TLP3844-Z
  • GX430t
  • ZM400

The TLP3844-Z and GX430t are desktop printers and as such cannot have a rewind unit fitted. They are ideal for small batch runs or larger print runs if you are prepared to wind the labels onto a core by hand. Both can take small ribbons of about 70 metres long.

Invest in the ZM400 if you want to use the internal rewind unit to save your wrists from the wear and tear of hand winding a heavy roll of labels.

Please Note: we have successfully supplied our clients with 75% and 115% EAN-13 barcodes (printed on a 203 dpi Zebra barcode label printer) that have been accepted by the major retailers. Our advice is to approach your customer and make sure that they are happy with the quality of the label you will supply on your products.

To get your labels tested by GS1 Australia, click here to contact www.gs1au.org

Label Bureau Service

If you don’t have the demand or need to print your own labels just yet, let Barcode Datalink print them for you. We offer a same day label design and print bureau. Send us the design (a fax or email will do) the data that needs to be printed and we can print them for you. Prices start from $45.00 per 1000 ex gst and freight. Quantity discounts apply so please contact us. Click the button for more samples.

More Samples

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