Motorola Long Range Barcode Scanners

A long range barcode scanner will allow you to scan a large barcode from up to 14 metres away. Please note that ordinary everyday barcodes will not scan from these distance. What you will notice is an increased read range on standard barcodes with a long range laser scanner.

Long range scanners are used in warehouse applications where the bin location barcode has been printed on reflective label stock. The operator, if seated in a forklift can now scan the bin location or large pallet label while remaining seated.

The LS3408-ER is a corded industrial strength long range laser scanner. Most often connected via RS-232 to the Motorola VC5090 vehicle mount mobile computer.


For a cordless version of the LS3408-ER, the LS3578-ER offers the worker the ability to walk about 45 metres away from the PC (where the base station is connected) and then scan a barcode up to 14 metres away from his position.


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