Barcode Datalink can provide onsite repairs and maintenance for your Zebra label printer

Some things such as installing a new print head or changing a platen roller can be done onsite in less than an hour.

Other problems that require more time or are difficult to do onsite can be repaired back at our office.

While most of our online competitors will tell you to contact Zebra for support and give you the run around, one call to Barcode Datalink (02) 9636-5299 and you can have a spare loan printer to use while yours is getting repaired.

If you are not a client of Barcode Datalink we can provide you with a spare Zebra printer but fees apply for the callout and per day rental of the printer.

As with Motorola products, it is our aim to provide you with the lowest possible total cost of ownership for your Zebra printer, not the lowest purchase price.

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