Zebra mid-range barcode label printers

The Zebra mid-range printers:

This is the most popular printers for medium volume labelling applications.

Zebra S4M

This S4M is the cheapest entry level model available in a direct thermal only version and the thermal transfer model that will do both modes of printing. Ideal for constant printing of con note or SSCC labels the S4M doesn’t take up too much space and can live in a warehouse environment. Periodic cleaning and maintenance will see it last many years with trouble free operation. Loading ribbons and labels is a breeze and the clear side window means you don’t have to open the lid to see.

Zebra 105SL

When you need a sturdy and tough printer for a more rugged environment the 105 SL is a great choice. The casing is made from reinforced metal components as are the gears, drives and spindles. An LCD display on the front makes configuring the printer easy and error messages are clearly displayed to the operator such as ribbon or paper out. With 6MB of SDRAM, 4MB of Flash and a 32 bit processor printing at up to 8″ per second is possible. The 105SL is ideal in manufacturing and production environments and is a cost effective alternative for single shift operations with medium volume labelling requirements.

Zebra ZM400

The ZM400 takes over from the Z4M/Z4M Plus series that was a very popular and reliable label printer. The ZM400 has an even larger display and more memory and processing power. Now with a 600 dpi print head option it is a very cost effective alternative to the Zebra 110 Xi III Plus (or Xi IV Plus) when it comes to high density printing when you don’t have a mission critical application or need to print 24/7.

Overall, the ZM400 suits a variety of enivronments, applications and industries and is a value for money, tough label printer capable of reliable operation across a wide temperature range. Add on features such as a rewind unit, cutter, label peel off & present, wired and wireless networking give you lots of flexibility and many options can be added when you need them.

Zebra ZM600

The ZM600 is just a wider version of the ZM400 allowing you to print labels up to 168mm wide by up to 2591mm long (102″) with a 203 dpi print head. With the 300 dpi print head you can print labels up to 1143mm (45″) long.

The ZM600 is ideal for large labelling requirements and is a cost effective alternative to the industrial Zebra 170 Xi III Plus printer.


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