Motorola (Symbol) Barcode Scanner & Mobile Computer Repairs & Service

Barcode Datalink can get your Motorola mobile computer repaired for you. If you bought your Motorola mobile computer from us we provide spare loan equipment. Also, we usually supply our Motorola hardware with a three (3) year “Service from the Start” contract.

If you bought the equipment elsewhere and can’t get prompt service and support, or need a spare loan unit we can provide equipment and the cost will depend on the type of mobile computer and whether we have to come out and configure it or if your IT department can manage. The price will also vary depending on the length of time you need the equipment.

Our loan equipment pool includes:

Motorola (Symbol)

Zebra – barcode label and receipt printers


If you are our customer, contact us directly and we will assist you in getting your Motorola mobile computer repaired as quickly as possible.

Not our customer! Contact us anyway to see how we can get you out of trouble quickly. The cheapest purchase price doesn’t end up being the lowest total cost of ownership! If you didn’t buy the “Service From the Start” (SFS) the average repair cost is more than the price of the SFS.


Motorola Solutions Service Department

10 Wesley Court, Burwood East VIC 3151, Australia

Tel: (Toll Free) 1800-457-439

Fax: 613-9847-9303

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What is “Service from the Start”?

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