Add Barcode Scanners & Printers to your ERP System

Add barcode scanners and barcode printers to your ERP system to increase warehouse efficiency

Installing a wireless LAN and connecting mobile computers is easier to do than ever before. More importantly, most ERP vendors, such as Pronto, SAP and BPics (just to name a few) have the applications modified to suit the smaller screen size of the most common mobile devices.

So now you can give your warehouse staff the ability to record transactions for:

  • Goods Receiving
  • Putaways
  • Movements
  • Goods Out
  • Order Picking
  • Stocktaking
  • Product lookup

…in real time while they are at the point of activity.

The mobile device becomes an extension of the ERP system with all transactions happening in real time wirelessly over the network. There is no need to download data to or from the mobile device. The cradle is only used to charge the battery.

Investigating the Potential

The first step is to talk to your ERP vendor and find out what functionality they offer as part of the current software package you have or do you need to purchase an additional ‘RF’ or ‘Advanced Warehousing’ module.

Step 2 is to decide on what functions you want to introduce mobile data collection to first. You might like to start with goods receiving or some companies find the payback quicker tackling order picking or stock replenishment. Or the need might be driven by your customers requiring you to scan as is the case with ‘Scan Pack’ applications for major retailers.

The next step is to fully evaluate the current mobile device software application that is being provided by the vendor. In most cases what they have written will suit your business. However, sometimes you might work differently, for whatever reason and require the mobile software application to be customised. You need to factor in this cost and why you need it. Often it is easier to change the way you do things, if possible. Keeping the mobile application standard means that when you upgrade the ERP system it is straight forward.

Once you are happy with the software and how it will work, the next step is to work out what hardware you should select.


Wireless LAN Infrastructure

If you have an existing wireless LAN it is possible to use that if it covers the area your warehouse staff work in. If it is an inexpensive access point for the office, we strongly recommend a Motorola wireless access point for your warehouse to minimise downtime and coverage issues.

If you don’t have a wireless LAN Barcode Datalink can assist you with implementing a radio network that delivers speed and coverage to your mobile workers that is fully supported and backed by spare equipment (same day), just in case.

Mobile Computers

There is a huge choice of mobile computers on the market. Our advice is to consider these things before making a final decision:

  • your users
  • the environment
  • the processes being changed
  • the barcodes being scanned
  • the products being handled
  • the savings in terms of reduced errors, steps and processes

The right mobile computers will get used by your staff so consult them for their feedback since they are the ones who have to use it. If they don’t like the equipment they won’t use it and you’ll have wasted your money.

Barcode Datalink provides a range of data capture mobile computers for testing prior to purchase so you can be sure you get the best solution for your business.



We always recommend implementing one or two functions to start with. This gives the warehouse staff time to get used to the new equipment and the changes in procedures. Once they are comfortable with the processes and the efficiency gains they can then learn new functions. Too many changes at once can cause staff stress and resentment so it is best to bring in change gradually. This also gives you time to iron out any bugs or issues.

SAP Case Study Motorola MC-9090G makes barcode scanning easy for warehouse staff

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