Motorola In-Counter Barcode Readers


The Motorola LS7808 barcode scanner is a horizontally mounted omni-directional barcode reader. Ideal for reading EAN and UPC retail barcodes at any point of sale environment. Taking up no desk space this is a great solution if you don’t have alot of room and already have a receipt printer, monitor and EFTPOS facilities taking up space.

The laser pattern is 18 inter-locking scan lines with a scan rate of 1800 scan lines per second. There is a spare port on the LS7808 to allow you to attach another corded scanner if required. The glass is tough and scratch resistant.

Most importantly, the Motorola LS7808 comes with a 3 year warranty and Comprehensive Coverage, which means beyond normal wear and tear, accidental damage to exit windows and scan elements is covered at no additional charge, virtually eliminating unforseen repair expenses. And on top of that, Barcode Datalink carries spare loan equipment so regardless of why the equipment failed, your business won’t be without a scanner for long.

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